• Michel Dida’s name has been on every hiphophead’s lips for five years.

    With mixtapes and countless guest reviews, Dida has built an expectation that few can do.2015 marks Didas solodebut: the first single “Höru Mej Bae” was released in August. With a distinct flow and a dark bass-driven pace, Dida took the level to cosmos and astro. The song became a big viral hit, people posted their own interpretations and the song was noticed by Big Brother, Idol, Humorgalan, Rebecca Stella, Gustav Skarsgård and others. Shortly thereafter, attention was given to “Höru Mej Bae (Remix)” with Seinabo Sey, Mapei, Silvana Imam, Sabina Ddumba and Cherrie, with video added. The song has also received several Norwegian remixes of among others Carp Diem, Arif and Kaveh.

    Friday 22:00 - 22:30
    24 05
  • Clear Channel Creativity & innovation in the world’s oldest media channel

    A conversation on how to merge creativity and technology to make better outdoor communication and build more inclusive cities.

    Patrik Beskow, Affairs
    Frida Siversen Ljung, Nord DDB
    Robin Wiman, Prime
    Evelina Rönnung, ex-Forsman & Bodenfors and Åkestam Holst

    Moderator: David Orlic, Chairman, KOMM

    Thursday 16:30 - 17:30
    23 05
  • How is it (really) to start your own influencer business?

    Boss lady Felicia Lagerwall will tell us all about how she started Make Sense Media agency. And what’s all the fuss about influencers really? What do they do and why do companies need them? And can you also become an influencer?

    Friday 15:15 - 15:45
    24 05
  • Communication as a summerjob

    What does SthlmOp do? How can we get better at finding and cherishing young and talented people in our society?  We will hear all about SthlmOp’s cool initiative from a youth perspective (the best one in our opinion but we might be partial)

    Friday 17:00 - 17:40
    24 05
  • Liv1 – How Fryshustet gives diversity a voice

    Around the country, young people with different backgrounds have stories to share. Stories that can help us to understand each other. Only by truly understanding our society, we can truly improve the image of it and redraw the map for how tomorrow will look.

    Liv1 is a platform that shows that ethnic and cultural diversity is important for a sustainable Sweden. Through knowledge and some pretty cool equipment, they create an inspiring environment so that we can learn from each other, become stronger and together lay the foundation for tomorrow’s Sweden.

    This is the story about their story. Welcome!


    Friday 15:50 - 16:15
    24 05
  • Ardalan Shekarabi civilminister
    Ardalan Shekarabi civilminister

    Gambling with consumers – a conversation with the Minister of Civil Affairs, Ardalan Shekarabi (S) about the industry’s aggressive advertisement.

    Gambling advertisement has been a hot topic this season. As the numbers of problem-gamblers have increased in Sweden, so have the ads. The question we ask ourselves is: Has the industry gone too far when the government needs to take measures against the amount of gambling advertisement?

    Friday 14:30 - 15:20
    24 05
  • Oh My Westander The Amazing Society Doberman
    Oh My Westander The Amazing Society Doberman

    Panel Discussion: Agency workplaces of the future

    How can gym-selfies improve your work environment? And what more are the forerunners in the communication sector doing to excel as an employer? Welcome to a panel discussion with some of Sweden’s best agencies when it comes to building great work environments.

    Tobias Franzén, CEO,  The Amazing Society
    Nanna Bergh, Creative Director, Doberman
    Patrik Westander, CEO, Westander
    Sara Thun Arodén, CEO, Oh My!

    Wednesday 17:00 - 17:50
    22 05
  • INGO guldäggsvinnarna
    INGO guldäggsvinnarna

    Gaming – the secret sauce to award-winning advertising?

    Is gaming the next big trend in communication or just a fly? Welcome to a conversation with the agency Ingo about the strategy that struck gold in Sweden’s largest advertising competition Guldägget (The Golden egg).

    We will hear how you can go from brief to several million exposures in just six days. Or in other words, get the success recipe to Burger King Sweden’s campaign: Craft a Western Whooper https://vimeo.com/332229635

    Thursday 15:00 - 16:00
    23 05
  • Linda Hörnfeldt
    Linda Hörnfeldt

    Profession: Influencer – how to work with social media

    Linda Hörnfeldt, digital marketer, author, and founder of the organization Influencers of Sweden – will tell you how to use your personal brand to build your business on social media.

    In her latest book Profession: Influencer. Linda coaches you in the art of making money on your social media. You will learn everything from building your audience to paying for collaborations, networking and delivering the right content in time. Through interviews with influencers and with hands-on advice, she teaches you everything you need to know to succeed with your channels.

    Learn more about Linda here:

    Wednesday 15:00 - 15:50
    22 05
  • Hemliga klubben
    Hemliga klubben

    Hemliga Klubben

    In 2017, a number of talented songwriters meet in a music studio during a songwriter session. They enjoy each other and love arises. 2018 Hemliga Klubben is born.

    Hemliga Klubben describes itself as a creative group where everyone writes and produces the music together and is involved in all different processes. The structure and the roles of the band members are a bit fluid, where you can hear different members singing on the different songs.

    The music describes them as energetic, uplifting and gritty, but there are also quieter songs with personal and emotional texts. The sound and the energy for the legacy of established Swedish acts such as the Family, the Swedish Bear Tribe and Veronica Maggio.

    Thursday 20:00 - 20:30
    23 05
  • Molly Hammar
    Molly Hammar

    Molly Hammar

    Molly Hammar has been named one of Sweden’s best voices, and her EP ‘Sex’ from 2018 was named one of the best of the year according to Aftonbladet. With the Big Narstie collaboration “No Place Like Me” from earlier this spring, Molly really stepped into the English music scene. With live performances in British TV, support from BBC Radio 1 and Spotify Viral UK in the back released the new single ‘Words’ in early May. American Nylon Magazine was the premiere and P3 jumped on the train the same day the song was released.

    This summer, Molly goes on tour and after the summer the next exciting collaboration is released.

    Thursday 18:00 - 18:30
    23 05
  • Vera Hotsauce
    Vera Hotsauce

    Vera Hotsauce

    Vera Hotsauce is a just turned 19 Swedish up-and-coming artist, songwriter and producer. Influenced by modern pop and the wave of trap music her songs are filled with attitude and character. After spending time in LA writing with people such as Elliphant and Diplos producer collective she has since her debut single released three mixtapes – Let Me Show U What Love Is, Happy/Bad and Red Pill. Veras strong personality shines through with every word, however provocative or honest it may be. Writing with AOBeats and Robokid, her up-coming songs were recently played by them on Diplos channel on BBC Radio 1 and her mixtape ’Red Pill’ was produced by their producer collective Moving Castle. ’Hey Boy’ – which was the first single from the mixtape, was premiered by Paper Magazine where they compared her vocal style to early Kesha and the glory days of Gwen Stefani.

    Friday 21:00 - 21:30
    24 05
  • Menke


    2018 Menke debuted with “Till Havet”, an EP where she interpreted eight of Karin Boye’s poems. The interpretations have been praised both at home in Sweden and abroad and in order to follow up the international interest, Menke earlier this spring releases his first material in English.

    The single ‘Echo’ Clash Magazine, Indie London and Spindle Magazine, and has been played on both P3 and P4 here at home in Sweden. This week, Menke made an exclusive performance at the member club Golden Slippers in London and this summer she goes on a long summer tour with one of Sweden’s most popular bands.

    Wednesday 18:00 - 18:30
    22 05
  • Malkom Cheru
    Malkom Cheru

    Malkom Cheru

    Malkom Cheru combines his contemporary style and production with the soul of the lyrical old school. This newcomer is focused on carving out his own lane in the Swedish hiphop scene with his own approach and style based in familiar sounds.

    Whether it be trap bangers, happy go lucky anthems, or brooding confessionals, Malkom always finds a way to deliver a unique twist on the genre he is approaching while staying true to its roots.

    Thursday 19:00 - 19:30
    23 05
  • Fredrik Jean Venard
    Fredrik Jean Venard

    Fredrik Jean Venard

    ”Some people say that if Bob Dylan and Boyz II Men had managed to produce a kid with a penchant for writing intricate lyrics and melodies, the result would be something like this guy.”

    Frdrik’s music is aimed at those who like music that is not created in a factory. Those who like to listen to music and hear new things, to realize that there is more than one way to interpret certain things.

    The past six months Fredrik released two songs, which together have more than 400,000 streams on Spotify without having any publisher, label, management or radio support. The next few months he plans to release a 3-4 track EP. e

    Wednesday 17:00 - 17:30
    22 05
  • Jelly Crystal
    Jelly Crystal

    Jelly Crystal

    Jelly Crystal is described as the sexiest weirdo we will ever encounter and after listening to his debut EP it did not take many seconds before I became interested in hearing more.

    Filip Johnsson – who is behind Jelly Crystal – EP debuted via the Gothenburg-based record company West Coast Recordings this summer. Now is a new track here. “Now Awake” is more poppy and glamorous than previous works, and artists such as David Bowie, Ariel Pink and Scott Walker feel like given references. However, the cinematic grant from the early singles remains. Great and sincere!

    Friday 20:00 - 20:30
    24 05
  • Vilma Colling
    Vilma Colling

    Vilma Colling

    Artist, songwriter, and producer Vilma Colling writes Swedish pop music with a focus on gender equality. “I’m not going to let the industry change me. I want to change the industry!” she boldly declares.

    Only working with women, recent collaborations include with Selen Özan (Veronica Maggio, Miriam Bryant), Name the Pet, and Linn Fijal.

    Wednesday 19:00 - 19:30
    22 05
  • David Sthålberg
    David Sthålberg

    Communication that Counts

    David Ståhlberg is a digital advisor, author, and former manager at Google. He will speak about three ways in which communication will play a critical role in shaping our future. David is also throwing in a secret bonus especially for Berghs Festival. We are crazy curious!

    Wednesday 14:00 - 14:45
    22 05
  • Plan 8
    Plan 8

    Plan 8

    How can different music and sounds create different feelings and approach? Hear all about it at Berghs Festival. Plan8 is a design agency for music and sound.

    With craftsmanship and purpose we focus on great ideas in the intersection of music and emerging technologies, brands and art.

    Thursday 14:00 - 14:50
    23 05
  • Anna Karin Lingham
    Anna Karin Lingham

    Ikigai – How japanese philosophy can help you perform

    What can we learn from Ikigai and the island of Okinawa, where people live extremely long? Together with Anna-Karin we will dip our toes into the Japanese philosophy that helps one find a “reason to get up in the morning”. What is Ikigai and how can you find it?

    And can IKIGAI help us create a healthy workplace in communications industry and else?

    Wednesday 16:00 - 17:00
    22 05
  • Klara & Jag
    Klara & Jag

    Klara & Jag

    When Klara & Jag released their debut single “Samma gamla nätter”, it placed itself directly onto 1st place on Spotify’s viral list and they have been praised by their audience as well as the critics with their sunny texts and lovely pop songs.

    After the debut, the next single came; “Fake It To You Make It” and preceded the EP “Story of My Life” released last fall. On the EP, there was also the song “Gamla Stan” which pop duo wrote with Gustaf Norén and Olle “Faråker” Blomström. In connection with the release, they played for a sold out Debaser and held their own concert at Pop House in Stockholm.

    If there were any good girl aura at the duo Klara & Jag then they clearly shake off the last with the new single “Måste jag dö?”. A rich pop song that was written on a rainy day and is about a relationship with a person who takes one for granted.

    Friday 19:00 - 19:30
    24 05
  • Gabriel Gassi
    Gabriel Gassi

    Gabriel Gassi

    With lots of acclaimed songs, global hits and millions of streams on Spotify, Gabriel Gassi is a name to keep an eye of. On stage, Gassi brings unique and powerful visuals, depicting the explosive power of his unique and dancing pop songs.

    Wednesday 20:00 - 20:30
    22 05
  • Erik Modig
    Erik Modig

    Bang for the buck – Why advertisers should focus less on brand purpose

    Learn how to create bang for the buck communication that gets attention with Erik Modig, researcher and lecturer at Stockholm School of Economics. During his session, Erik will share his insights into consumer psychology and how marketers can boost their advertising efficiency.

    Learn more about Erik’s latest book:

    Friday 13:30 - 14:30
    24 05
  • Josef Gustaf Tadaa
    Josef Gustaf Tadaa

    Gustaf Josefsson Tadaa

    Gustaf Josefsson Tadaa, an expert in the field of digital transformation and the human and societal impacts of rapid technological evolution, is one of Sweden’s most frequently hired speakers.

    Nominated for the Swedish Breakthrough Speaker of the Year award in 2017, he has also worked with the Burning Man Festival for years. We recently had the honor of witnessing Gustaf in action at Berghs, and promise this is something you won’t want to miss!

    Thursday 17:30 - 18:00
    23 05